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Show Up!

Howard High School is committed to building the capacity of our community by ensuring students, faculty, and staff "show up" to school every day. While encouraging students, we want to ensure that our faculty/staff, parents, and community members are in a place to "show up" for our students as well.

Why: We are building the future leaders of our communities and our world. We want to instill in them, as well as with our parents, staff, and the community, the importance of students showing up and having a productive day in school. This helps to create healthy learning patterns as our students enter post-secondary education and the workforce.

As we strive to be #Built4Bibb, SHOWING UP is a commitment to creating a strong school community dedicated to student, staff and parent engagement; academic rigor; and overall health and wellness.


Want to learn more?  Here are the Pillars for the Show Up Campaign for Staff and Students:

Show Up Pillars for Staff
Show Up Pillars for Students
Show Up Pillars for Parents