"Let us lead by serving others."

Faculty Sponsor: Ms Slina Huston 

Requirements and Being Invited

Sophomores with a GPA of 90.0 or higher are invited in the Fall of their sophomore year. Students will receive a letter in late September to early October giving them more detailed instructions and requirements.
Juniors and Seniors that have not been BETA members at Howard High School before may fill out this waiver and bring it to Ms Huston by the end of September. Juniors and Seniors who did not have a 90.0 average at the end of their freshman year, but whose GPA is currently a 90.0 or greater will also receive an invitation.

Induction will be held in mid to late October, but students should go ahead and join by paying their dues to the sponsor and should begin obtaining hours immediately. New members will be required to submit their hours in March with the current members.

General Information

Members will meet every second Tuesday afternoon of the month in the sponsor's classroom unless otherwise directed.

Attendance is mandatory. Three (3) unexcused meeting absences per school year results member being placed on probation. Attendance at the next scheduled meeting is required to regain good standing. A subsequent unexcused absence would result in the member being placed back on probation with the possibility of membership cancellation upon a subsequent unexcused absence.

Check in begins at 2:35 PM. Meetings officially begin at 2:40 PM.

Each person is allowed one absence from a meeting each year. For each additional absence incurred, 1 hour of service will be required.

A total of 5 service hours per school year is required to maintain membership in Beta Club.

Members are required to complete 5 hours of service to their school, community, or peers each school year. Hours must be logged and turned in by Spring Break. Any hours logged after Spring Break can count toward the next school year's hours. Don't forget to get a signature verifying that you completed your service hour!

Each member must maintain a 90.0 GPA.

*It is the members responsibility to check this site on a regular basis to make sure they are up to date on information.

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